Blankenburg (Harz)

Departure for a clean future

Blankenburg im Harz is proving to be an outstanding location for the use of hydrogen energy. This finding is based on a number of key factors affecting both infrastructure and societal support.

A central advantage is the designated industrial area, which has space available as needed and an approved development plan. This makes suitable areas available for the construction of the H2 energy park. In addition, Blankenburg enjoys an optimal location in the region, which ensures efficient connections to important traffic routes and urban centers.

The implementation of the Saxony-Anhalt hydrogen strategy is another plus point for Blankenburg. The region has recognized the key role hydrogen can play in the energy transition and is actively promoting the development of relevant projects. This creates an ideal environment for the H2 energy park in Blankenburg.

The location also has an existing network in the energy industry and good connections to the approval authorities. This enables smooth cooperation and speeds up the approval process for building the energy park.

Another important aspect is the presence of mine water with documented water rights. The mine water represents a sustainable resource that can be used to produce hydrogen, oxygen and to provide of waste heat can be used. This existing water source provides a reliable and continuous supply.

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The direct connection to the A36 motorway and the availability of optical fiber and rail connections make the Blankenburg location additionally attractive. Efficient logistics and smooth networking with other industrial and business centers are thus guaranteed.

In addition to the infrastructure, the high acceptance of climate protection concepts at the political level and among the population is a decisive factor. Blankenburg is a municipality that takes climate protection seriously and recognizes the importance of renewable energies. This creates a positive atmosphere for the implementation of projects in the field of hydrogen energy.

In conclusion, it can be said that Blankenburg im Harz meets all the necessary requirements to be an ideal location for hydrogen energy. From the existing infrastructure to the support from the Saxony-Anhalt hydrogen strategy and the high level of acceptance of climate protection measures - Blankenburg offers a comprehensive basis for a needs-based supply of hydrogen, oxygen and waste heat. The H2 energy park in Blankenburg is thus a pioneer for a sustainable and future-proof energy supply.

The advantages at a glance

Green hydrogen in Blankenburg

Green hydrogen production >100 MW
Regional & national market service
Security of supply for municipalities and industry
Emission-free site security
Industrial Site with Secured/Untapped Water Resource
Location with optimal location in space
Designated industrial area
Existing network of energy industry and approval authorities
Direct connection to the A36 motorway
High acceptance of climate protection concepts

Sustainable project

Energy concept in the Blankenburg Energy Park

Holistic project support by Siemens as technology partner & system integrator

A data center to be located can be operated completely CO2-neutral. The servers can be cooled using mine water, which is available at a constant temperature and in sufficient quantity. Any waste heat can be given directly to the surrounding industry as heating or process energy. The data center's emergency power supply can be guaranteed by fuel cells, which are operated with hydrogen.


"I fight for our successful energy transition - and with passion!"
- Lars Gottschligg